Art of the Heart ~ Love and Peace.

An aside ~ In 2015 I read about a 32 year old, former Canadian soldier, John Robert Galliagher who, after he finished his stint in the army, went back to war torn Syria as a volunteer to help safeguard women and children, and was killed by ISIS. He died just before Remembrance Day. I was so taken by his writings on the moral and ethical justification for his decision to return to fight in that war half way around the world that I felt to do tribute to him. I painted a quick portrait of him, posted his painting on my front door on Rememberance Day, and then gifted it to his mother.

There is so much hate, racism, and ill-will in the world. I want to shower my world, and yours, with love in the hope that the ripples of love’s awareness will bring an era of peace. Love and peace. Love is the best remedy.