Angel Cards

Create your own story.

Roll the dice. 

Pick the number of cards according to the number on the dice.

What is it about the affirmation that resonates with you? 

The goal of the Shabbat angel cards is to help us in reflecting about our week by using the affirmations written on each card as though we are working with the Shabbat angels to increase our spiritual awareness and connection.

The Shabbat Angel Card Edition directly relates to the tradition of singing the hymn of Shalom Aleichem at the Friday evening meal. When we welcome the Shabbat angels, we bless them, we ask for their blessing and we bless their departure back to be messengers of G-d to let him know all is good.

How my family uses the Angel cards:  We pass around the Angel card box and dice as we are beginning our Sabbath meal.  Each person rolls the dice and takes the number of Angel cards that correspond the the dice.  After everyone has their Angel cards we begin with the youngest and each one shares their cards and its meaning to them.  We have discussions that are meaningful: spiritual, political, religious, and always uplifting and memorable.